U.S. Flags 

Polyextra Flags

Nylon Flags

Flags are made out of Nylon or Polyextra and can be used for exterior flagpoles, indoor flagpoles, or ceremonies. Our flagpoles and flags are highly reliable, long lasting and flies easily.

Nylon flags have the fully embroidered stars and flies with the highest quality of nylon fabric and color matched thread for a flag that flies in light breezes. The stripes are also sewn. On the fly, X-boxing is used. A full ¼ inch turn on all the seams provides a long lasting nylon flag. Beauty, quality and reasonable price are offered all in this one flag.

Polyextra flags are two ply polyester fabric which is specially loomed and dyed to withstand the most demanding weather conditions such as high heat, counteract the ultra-violet light, and still remain bright and “looking fresh”.  The embroidered stars, colors and sewn details make the Polyextra flag make it the ideal outside flag. This flag delivers high quality standards, durability and elegance to any owner. On both the Nylon and Polyextra Flags, the embroidered stars do not have gaps  in the star. 

AW Flags, LLC supplies U.S. flags (Nylon, Polyextra, ceremony fringed, hemmed, or for flagpoles) that resist wear, flies easily and is highly reliable.

Construction begins with the finest fabrics and color matched threads available and the hardware is heavy duty brass grommets or chrome D-rings for maximum flying strength and durability.