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AW, LLC Commitment to our Customers: 

  • Collaborates with Customers to Define Needs, Requirements and Desires
  • Supplies High Quality Service - Dependable and Reliable
  • American Made Products: 
    Flagpoles have a Manufacturer's Warranty and Flag Designs Have Been Verified to be Appropriate and to withstand harsh weather conditions
  • Installation of Flagpoles will undergo a review of wind, height, and soil depth requirements
  • Offer Disposal of Flags Through Proper Organizations
  • Ships Domestic or International

If you do not see what you are looking, please contact us at 713-725-4505. Installations are available upon request.

AW Flags, LLC is committed to giving you quality flagpole and flag service.

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Our flagpoles are of the highest quality and have been properly engineered and Made in America. 


Flagpoles can be installed for one, two or more flags with a special easy to turn crank or pulley (interior or external). We also have telescopic flag poles. Also, solar lighting is available for the top or bottom of your flagpole.

Principals of the company have many years of experience in engineering, manufacturing, construction and project management.