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AW Flag, LLC is a located in Waller County, Texas and is a HUB certified company.  Our Flags and Flagpoles are American Manufactured and can be installed on any specified site - residential, educational institutions, religious organizations, government or businesses.  Special flags for ceremonies, parades, ranches, farms or businesses are available.  Gold trimming on the edge of the flags and gold-colored stands are available for ceremonies.  We carry American flags, flags of the United States, and flags of countries across the world as well as historical, religious, and cultural flags.

Flags or flagpoles can be shipped anywhere in the world.  Flag designs are authentic and have been researched to be proper. Nylon or PolyExtra are available and finished with heading and brass grommets or D-rings. PolyExtra is the best for high wind and high heat conditions. 

Our flags and flagpoles only come 

from AMERICAN manufacturers.

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Flagpoles are of the highest quality and have been properly engineered for the wind, ground and weather conditions.  Flagpoles can be installed for one, two, or more flags to carry with special easy to turn crank or pulley (interior or external halyards). Also, solar lighting is available for the top or bottom of your flagpole. We sell many Telescopic Flagpoles, they are available from 16’ to 25’ and a large supply is available. 

Worn flags will be properly disposed of through proper associations in the right ceremonies if returned back to us. If we do not have the particular flag or flagpole displayed on this website, we can arrange to get it for you.  We want to be your flagpole/flag company of choice. 

  • Collaborate with Customers to Define Needs, Requirements and Desires
  • Supplies High Quality Service - Dependable and Reliable
  • American Made Products: 

       Flagpoles have a Manufacturer’s Warranty 

       Flags Designs Have Been Verified to be Appropriate and to withstand harsh hot weather conditions

  • Installation of Flagpoles will undergo a review of wind, height, and soil depth requirements
  • Offer Disposal of Flags Through Proper Organizations
  • Ships Domestic or International

If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us.

AW Flags, LLC is committed to giving you quality flagpole and flag service and have a lifetime relationship with you.

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